The Effects of Warm Weather on Flat Roofs

The Effects of Warm Weather on Flat Roofs
Many homeowners believe that summer is the least of their problems when it comes to their flat roofing. But contrary to this, any extreme weather like the scorching heat of summer should be enough to alarm residents. Here are the effects of warm weather on your roofing and the potential damages you need to look out for.

Thermal Cycle Challenges
Weather changes constantly day in and out. The roofing expands and contracts in the heat. This affects the shape and material of the roof and can even result in water penetration if not addressed immediately. For the solution, a PVC material is highly recommended to reduce the thermal cycle’s adverse effects on your flat roofing.

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Blister Formation
If you have substandard roofing, you should expect easy water penetration inside your home. But with the combination of summer heat, things could get much worse. When the moisture is exposed to the heat, the felt from your roofing may potentially lift and create bubbles or blisters in the roofing. As an effect, your flat roofing can suffer from unappealing bumps and lack of protection over your entire housing.

Contact your trusted roofing contractors as soon as you notice bubbles forming so they can quickly repair the damaged section. Otherwise, your roof may be up for a complete roof repair. Choose among trusted local roofing companies in your area to determine the right team for the job.

Moisture Buildup
Around summertime, humidity is your worst enemy outside and inside your home. With moisture buildup in your flat roofing, this easily invites fungus and mold to grow. When left unnoticed, it can grow at a rapid rate and completely degrade the condition of your roofing. Furthermore, this can lead to damage flushing, which affects your drainage system. No matter the weather outside, you’d want to address these summer issues without delay.

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