The Difference Between Roofing Material Offered By Our Roofing Contractors Wheaton

When it’s time for a new roof, there are more choices today than ever before. That makes finding the right roofing material for your home a little more difficult, let along finding the right roofers Wheaton. But reputable and experienced roofing companies Wheaton can help you choose what would work best for your situation, whether it’s tile roofing or shingle roofing.

Selecting the wrong type of roofing material could have significant consequences for your home, so it is important to gather as much information as possible before your roof installation Wheaton. That’s why we are going to look at the difference here between tile and shingle roofing. They both provide certain benefits and drawbacks to consider, making this a deeply important decision.

As asphalt shingles are the most commonly used material found on countless rooftops throughout the region and the country, it’s easy to think that it is the right way to go for every home. That is simply not the case. Just as shingles come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and qualities, tile roofing comes in many forms too, and a roof replacement Wheaton should take that into consideration.

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About Shingle Roofing

Shingles are such a popular choice for homeowners when it comes to roof replacement Wheaton and across the entire country for a number of reasons. They are commonly made from asphalt but can also include slate, composite materials, and plastic, making them easy to manufacture and cost-effective for the homeowner.

The asphalt in the shingles gives them a water-repellant property and they are very easy for roofing contractors to install, as they are laid in an overlapping pattern from the bottom of the roof to the top. These qualities all come together for a low-cost option, which makes shingle roofing so appealing to homeowners. And if the need for a leaking roof repair Wheaton arises, shingles are easily managed.

Benefits of Shingle Roofing

Not only are shingles a lower-cost way to go for a roof replacement Wheaton, but they do offer some excellent benefits too.

  • Shingles can easily match your style preferences, as they come in a wide variety of shapes and colors that suit anyone’s tastes, as well as the style of the home.
  • They are reflective, so in hot environments, shingles can keep your home cooler by reflecting sunlight during the hottest times of the day.
  • Their design makes shingles highly fire and algae resistant.

Drawbacks of Shingle Roofing

As with everything, perfection is hard to find. Although shingles offer the option of affordable roofing, there are some downsides to shingle roofing that should be considered:

  • Shingles can deteriorate quickly if left with moss growth or debris for too long.
  • As a result of the point above, a shingle roof should be cleared of anything that does not belong on top of the home. At times, that might mean using a special solution to ensure a clean roof so that the shingles last longer.
  • While shingles have a documented lifespan of 30 years, that is highly unlikely. Depending on the thickness of the shingle, where thicker lasts longer, and how often the roof is clear of debris, a typical shingle roof will last anywhere from 15 to 25 years.

Roof Installation Wheaton That Suits The Style Of Your Home

While shingle roofing is the most common type of material you will find on homes in North America today, tile is more prevalent elsewhere around the globe. It has been used for over a century, predating the use of shingles, but many roofing companies Wheaton can help with this option.

The most common form of tile roofing in the US is clay, which offers a nice look for Mediterranean style homes, but these days, tiles can come in various other forms too. The traditional roofing tile of terracotta or slate should be handled by professional roofing roofers Wheaton homeowners can trust to install correctly and achieve the best water protection.

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Types of Tile Roofing

When exploring options for a tile roof, you'll find a variety of choices in terms of style, durability, function, and longevity. It's important to note that not every type of tile roof suits every home. Additionally, if you're looking for roof repair near me in Wheaton, be aware that not every Wheaton roofing company may be equipped to work with all tile types.

  •         Metal tiles are similar to standard metal roofing in terms of function but they offer more style, as they can be made in different shapes. These tiles can actually be made to look like clay, slate, or other roofing materials, so a roof installation Wheaton is easily done.
  •         Copper tiles are very durable and can last over 100 years, even as it withstands very difficult weather conditions. The tile version of this roofing material is quite versatile to fit with any home style, so roofing contractors Wheaton should be quite familiar with the process.
  •         Stone tiles come in a variety of colors and can last for over a century. They have been around a very long time, although it is imperative that any slate tile roofing installation is handled by contractors who are experienced with this type of material for the best results. Note that stone tiles like slate are very expensive, which is why they are not commonly used.
  •         Ceramic tiles offer excellent fire resistance and good durability. They have become more widespread in recent years and are not strictly for southern style or Mediterranean homes anymore as they come in different styles and colors that many roofing companies Wheaton offer.
  •         Polymer-Sand tiles are a mixture of sand and polymers and in most cases, are most suitable as an alternative to ceramic tiles. They offer more durability than ceramic and require almost no maintenance. Although they may be difficult to find, as not many local roofing companies Wheaton, or even around the country, can supply them, they look like ceramic tiles but with limited style options.
  •         Composite tiles feature acrylic, metal, and stone in a multi-layered tile. They offer a natural look in that they appear like slate and clay but have less weight. Although, a reinforced roof is still required for proper roof installation.
  •         Bituminous tiles offer a very light tile roofing option that makes for a very easy roof installation Wheaton. They are comprised of fiberglass coated with basalt chips or granite. As they only require an adhesive during installation, the chance of leaks is reduced and they make for a simple roof installation process that any professional roofer can handle.
  •         Concrete tiles are not as prone to breaking like ceramics but they do have a similar appearance. In a mixture of cement, sand, and water, the tile is heavy and easy to install. Concrete tiles are also less costly than slate but they do need a reinforced roof to carry the weight.

Benefits of Tile Roofing
Tile roofing installation Wheaton provides a range of styles based on the material used, so you can achieve the look you want for your home from this type of roof. Each of the types of tile roofing is very durable and can withstand all kinds of inclement weather for a very long time. As well, they provide excellent protection from water leaks on a low maintenance and enduring roof, so you will not have to deal with a leaking roof repair Wheaton very often.

The Downside of Tile Roofing
Even though tile roofing materials can make a home look great and offer the highest level of protection from rain, snow, and hail, a major cause for concern is the cost. Each of the tile roofing options available is quite expensive, which is a reason for homeowners to overlook them, so if you’re looking for affordable roof installation Wheaton, this may not be your best choice.

When selecting tile roofing solutions, it's important to consult with a "roofing company near me in Wheaton" to ensure your home's structure can support the weight. This evaluation is vital as reinforcing the roof, if needed before installation, could affect the overall safety and impact the final costs.

Making the Choice Between Shingles and Tiles for Your Roof

As you can see, there are some big differences between shingles and tiles that you need to think about for your roof replacement Wheaton. Shingles are much cheaper than any of the tiles available and they serve to protect your home quite adequately from water penetration. However, they will likely require more frequent roof repairs or even replacement from your local roofing contractors Wheaton.

Conversely, tile roofing is much more durable in that it can provide lasting protection for over a century in some cases, with limited maintenance. That comes with a much higher cost for your roof installation. At the same time, most tile roofing options are much heavier than shingles, which requires roof reinforcement. Between the added cost of that reinforcement and the already higher cost of tile roofing, it can get very expensive for this type of roof replacement Wheaton.

When deciding on your ideal roofing, whether it's shingle or tile, gathering complete information is crucial. Reach out to professional "roofing companies near me" to discuss the best roofing style or material for your home.


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